Ranieri Sessa guitarist, arranger composer
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Welcome! - Ranieri Sessa


Should I introduce myself? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Do you want to know my CV? I'm already bored just thinking to write something like that..

Cutting a long story short, I studied with some well known guys, graduated at some flamboyant Academy.

I played here and there with this and that, some famouses ones, some barely known.
And I played as solo guitar, too.

I composed and performed music for  theatrical shows

I played in cool and prestigious places, as well as in the most squalid taverns

But all this is in the past and it doesn't matter.

I'm just the guy you can watch and listen in this website.

My contacts are there if you want to catch up with me!

That's all guys, happy if you enjoy listening!



Guitar Solo

The unplugged music is my stylistic cypher, scrolling through the menu you can listen me in different styles of solo playng .

Acoustic guitars for pop, rock, soul, etc; Virtuoso guitar for tipical virtuoso picked repertoire; Classic guitar for classic music played with guitar; Jazz guitar for jazz-swing-latin; Italian guitar for Italian folk and authors' song arranged for solo guitar

Guitar Solo - Ranieri Sessa


On this page you will find excerpts about my activity in duo with other instruments:

Mandolin and guitar

Violin and guitar

Sax and guitar

Accordeon and guitar

Trumpet and guitar


Duo - Ranieri Sessa

Trio, quartet, quintet

Here you will find other instrumental options as classical chamber ensemble as well as modern combo.

Trio, quartet, quintet - Ranieri Sessa

My own music

On this page, there is a sort of history of my activity as a composer, which comprises many styles and instrumental ensembles.

From guitar solo to orchestra. From theatrical music to sacred one. From intrumentals to songs.

My own music - Ranieri Sessa